Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hilton Head Properties Inc

Hilton Head Properties Inc, is the General Partner for most of the entities, that convicted felon Chase Fonteno controls.

Chase Fonteno uses entities to control companies so that his real name Douglas Fonteno does'nt appear on anything.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

CBS 11 News investigates "Real Estate Cat Burglar" Chase Fonteno

Douglas Terrell Fonteno "aka" Chase Fonteno is a convicted felon currently on parole.

Mr. Fonteno controls over 40 companies that are in other peoples names by using partnership agreements, one such company is Hilton Head Properties.

Chase Fonteno has many websites he uses to solicit money from investors to use for his Real Estate deals.

CBS 11 News in Dallas is investigating Chase Fonteno, here is a link to the video and here is the link to the story.

Also I have a website dedicated to showing all public information on Chase Fonteno such as convictions, warrants, companies he uses and much more.

Before doing any business with Mr. Fonteno you need to be able to make a educated disicion, check out www.chase-fonteno.com for the most compiled info on him and his companies.